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Who is the Tweens > Gen Z

Generation Z are highly connected, living in an age of high-tech communication, technology driven lifestyles and prolific use of social media. The generation is not just mini-Millennials. The fundamental difference is their savviness with online and the Internet, and the number of devices and they’re very much out there; everything they do is on social media, especially Youtube.” 90 per cent of Gen Zers watch Youtube daily (1) Brands are started throwing themselves — and money — at vloggers. Example:  Vine star Cameron Dallas’ recent campaign for Calvin Klein. (2) Their love for Snapchat and Instagram is tethered to the philosophy of “If I didn’t share it, it didn’t happen,” and the fact that 91 per cent of them have access to a smart phone. (3) This mobile mania extends to their style spending: 70 per cent have used a mobile shopping app in the last month (4) and 94 per cent prefer browsing digitally versus in-store. (5)

Gen Z has a down-up effect on mainstream fashion — for evidence, look no further than Gen Zer Jaden Smith dressed androgynously for Louis Vuitton’SS16 women’s campaign.(6)  — the full rapport are available upon request.