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Stance smart socks

In this project, the team was required to design an innovation program that embeds new
innovative practices within the existing environment of a company of the team’s choice.
The company that the team chose to focus on was Stance, an American fashion sock company that embraces the spirit of individuality through a unique product offering featuring artists series and performance socks. The innovation program which the team came up with is called Stride. The aim of Stride is to transform Stance from a fashion sock company into a healthcare data collection company by incorporating advanced computer and electronic medical and fitness tracking technologies into Stance socks.
With the right technologies, Stance smart socks can analyze the users’ foot sweat and detect the body’s nutrient levels. For example, Stance smart socks will be able to tell how much Iron an athlete lost, so that they can nourish their body with the right amount of supplements after a workout.

Big data companies can also benefit from the proposed smart sock design by analyzing the data collected from Stance tech socks and utilizing it to learn more about healthcare-related issues. (Text written by Aya Al Bawwab)

Team Credits: Anja Botnen, Aya Al Bawwab, Carla Marsh, Dara Weiss 

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